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65 minutes. 4 performers.

Phase one of The Worst Thing I Could Be (Is Happy) was presented in November 2017 as part of Theatre Junction Grand’s TJ Lab Program in Calgary, AB.

Phase two was presented in February 2018 as part of Buddies in Bad Times Theatre's 39th Rhubarb Festival in Toronto, ON.

Phase three was a workshop production in April 2019 at the Diving Bell Social Club in Montreal, QC.

ELENA BELYEA: Co-creator, playwright, performer
IRA DORÉ: Co-creator, choreographer, performer
VICTORIA MORRISON: Co-creator, video and sound design, performer
PHILIP NOZUKA: Co-creator, video and sound design, performer
TANYA RINTOUL: Director, dramaturgy
ALISON YANOTA: Costume and prop design, dramaturgy
REBECCA DUROCHER: Stage Management, dramaturgy

Home videos, confessions, dance, song, and sentient projections come together as four performers embark on a spontaneous investigation of the politics of feelings in a culture obsessed with positive thinking.

Archival photos by Dahlia Katz.